Thank you for visiting my website. It's a great honor having you here since especially in todays times people have no time for anything.

My name is Martin Burri and I live in the beautiful town Rheinfelden in Switzerland. I work as a full-time electrical engineer. On this job I can combine my creativity with money-making business. It allows me to create things which are meaningful and that's the main driving factor for me as a kid of the generation Y.

In my spare time though I like to do other stuff. Besides some physical exercises which are not only required but also fun for me, I like to do small private coding projects and I love to drive my motorbike.

But probably the most time consuming hobby is photography. I was fascinated by the camera of my father already as a kid. Later, my parents bought me a compact film camera. At that time it was point-and-shooting exclusively, without any knowledge about photography.

The interest got awakened more seriously in 2006 where I bought my first DSLR camera. I was fascinated by the possibilities and the ease to take photos. In 2008 I finally dived deep into photography together with two colleagues. We learned a lot about light and off-camera flash techniques, posing, etc.

Nowadays, as time allows, I still grab my camera and go out for shooting, especially if a "project" attracts my attention. I love to take pictures of animals in the wild and I also love to travel with my camera. It lets me experience the scenes more deeply by taking time to really look at them. Sometimes I also take pictures of people

Contact Details

Martin Burri
Franke-Weg 11
CH-4310 Rheinfelden
+41 79 763 65 80

This page is updated regularly, so it might be worth to visit again soon ;-)

2021-11-01, Martin Burri

This paragraph is not to be taken too serious - it reflects my thinking and it's up to you if you share my opinion or not. I hope that you have your own opinion, as long as you have one.

So, how can we improve the world? Impossible? - No! It starts with us since we are part of the world. Every small step in the right direction helps.

I suggest to consider the following points:

  • Be a human. We are no machines nor are we gods. Treat humans like humans.
  • Respect the others and your environment - think of how your actions influence both.
  • If you can vote, then do it! It's your voice that counts how things will change.
  • Don't believe blindly! Always inform yourself from several independent sources - don't trust the trolls.
  • If you fear something, then ask yourself why? Do you have enough information and how probable is it that the fear comes true?
  • Support recycling. What if we could make companies use only recyclable materials wherever possible?
  • Use and support open source software.